Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Spot

One of our very first breakfast outings was to The Spot on:
210 Shelburne Road Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 540-1778
It may actually have been while breakfasting here that Pop and I decided to make it our quest to study and critique all the breakfast spots in the greater Burlington area. Here's how The Spot sizes up:
General Description:
The Spot is a converted gas station facing busy Shelburne Road, just south of entering the greater Burlington city area. Because it's an old gas station, it's a very easy "in and out" in terms of access. They have cleverly turned the old pumping station area into an outdoor seating area and bar. Inside, it's very bright, thanks to the large windows gas stations tend to put in front of their buildings. They are 'surfer' themed so the atmosphere is keeping with that, including being a very relaxed, casual, cool look with lots of beach themed pictures and paraphernalia. This is a good thing in the midst of winter when even the toughest Vermonters sometimes need to be reminded there is a summer.
CoffeeThree stars***. The coffee is hot, served generously, and in local Bennington Potter mugs, or their own Spot labeled mugs. I am not yet sure if they are using a local roaster. We'll check on that our next visit. But it's not a 'great' cup of coffee or one we'd go out of our way for.
Parking5***** Parking is easy and close. Only once was it so busy we had to park across the way in the Duncan Donuts lot.
Ambiance4**** Surfer dude, very casual. Open air in good weather. Noisy due to high ceilings and close tables. So, not the place for a private meeting or a business breakfast.
Food4* The menu is southwestern themed, but with lots of basic options as well. The portions are generous, nicely presented, and the food is very fresh. I often go for the French Toast special with fresh fruit. Check out their menu at their web site.
Vermont Maple Syrup5***** Unlimited real Vermont Maple syrup. Homemade jam is served in a large bowl so you can really pile it on. None of those little foil capped, 1 tsp plastic containers
Service5***** Friendly and fast
PriceModerate. $6 to $9 entrees. But it's enough to allow you to skip lunch
ClienteleTends towards (young) professionals and students
Overall rating5***** This is one of our favorite, 'go-to' breakfast spots. Highly recommended

Check out the Burlington Free Press coverage

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