Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skinny Pancake

The Skinny Pancake has a prime lakefront location, which we think is the best part of the restaurant. We've been twice, the second time to give it a second chance since we didn't much care for it the first time. The fact that we had to actually walk to the service counter and then pay for a coffee refill put the nail in the coffin. I doubt we'll go back. But, that aside, it is an 'offbeat' place with character and a unique menu. It is partially 'self-serve' in that you have to order and pay at a front bar. They bring the cooked item to your table.
Location: 60 Lake Street, Burlington, Vermont

Food: 31/2***The menu items are built on a crepe base. The fillings are made from many local ingredients such as Vermont cheeses, apples, smoked bacon, eggs, and veggies. The food was tasty and nicely presented. My serving was pretty small, but Dad's were generous. Real Vermont maple syrup is served, but in a little tiny cup with an inadequate amount. The menu is only on a black board hanging up high over the ordering bar. It was difficult to read. A menu to actually hold and read would be helpful.
Coffee 4****delicious, nice mugs, but small, and you had to walk to the service counter to get and pay for refills.
Ambiance A funky, off-beat place with rustic tables and funny lights. It's fun and relaxed. Too bad the windows aren't bigger to take advantage of the lake view.

Service 3***You more or less had to look out for yourself. The order was delivered to the table, but other than that, there was little contact with the service folks.
ParkingStreet parking and no evidence of handicap spaces.

ClienteleYoung professional, tourists, students
Price One of the more expensive places to get breakfast, esp. when table service is not provided.