Friday, January 6, 2012

Penny Cluse

Penny Cluse annually wins the 'Best Place for Breakfast" in the Seven Daisy's "Best Of", which are awards based on customer votes. So, the two of use felt it very important to give this place the proper going over. While it does win high scores, it doesn't top our list of 'go to' places. It's popularity keeps it that way since the restaurant is usually full and the acoustics soo horrible, that it's hard to have a conversation.
Location: Downtown Burlington on the corner of Cherry and S. Winnoski Ave
Food:***** Delicious, well prepared and nicely presented, fresh, generous portions, extensive selection from standard fare to southwester concoctions, to nuts and berries
Coffee: 3 *** Inconsistent quality. Our first cup this morning was so weak you could see the bottom of the cup. It got better with the refills
Ambiance: 3***Pleasant and light but tables were close together and noise level was high so it was hard to have a quiet conversation.
Service: 5*****Fast and friendly
Parking: 1* Street parking and no handicap parking anywhere nearby. Today the roads were icy and sloppy with snow, so besides having to find a downtown parking spot and feed a meter we had to also deal with difficult walking conditions
Maple syrup: 5***** A full pint on the table of the real thing. Pop put at least half of it on his sourdough french toast.
Clientele: We are there at around 9 AM so we are dining with the more leisurely crowd. This morning there was a mix of middle aged ladies, mom's with little ones, and gentlemen with their casual clothes on (not looking like they were headed to the office). It had an air of the 'professional' crowd. But students are still out of town for the holiday break.
Additional comments:
The photos are a mix of those taken on a delightful day in September, and also today, January 6, 2012

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